20 Famous People Whose Instagram Pics Prove They’re Ready to Have Fun at Any Moment

Part of what makes Instagram so addictive is the ability to peek into the world of your favorite celebrities when they aren’t working. But when you happen to come across a funny frame, everything immediately becomes 10 times better. From collages trolling fellow artists or photos in fun poses, there is a world of underrated star content.

So, we at Ponichka dived on Instagram and collected some photos that prove how fun some celebrities are.

1. The rock radiates joy from day one.

2. Cole Sprouse is having fun and KJ Apa is sharing it with the world

3. Liam Hemsworth and Tani are one.

4. Tatiana Maslany of the Clones fell out of laughter… literally.

5. Joe Jonas is a different type of Jedi.

6. Confusion is not a word that is present in the dictionary of Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon.

7. Anna Kendrick imitates an owl…

8. Life imitates art, as does Kat Dennings…

9.… and Diplo too.

10. Tom Hanks expertly made the right selfie with a professional boxer.

11. Josh Brolin provokes bold comments…

12. Jennifer Garner will camp with her children:

13. Jake Gyllenhaal mocks himself, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for roles in superhero movies

14. Ellen Degeneras Wins Throwback Thursday

15. Katie Perry knows how to laugh in less graceful situations.

16. Victoria Beckham illustrates how she feels like an old bag after 3 hours of sleep

18. Amy Schumer is obviously a big fan of The Great British Bake Off.

19. Someone caught Diane Keaton unshaven, but she didn’t mind.

20. Anne Hathaway revealed how she would look with such a hairstyle

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